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Personal storage units

No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
1Storage unit1.9m2Sold
2Storage unit1.9m2Sold
3Storage unit1.9m2Sold
4Storage unit1.7m2Sold
5Storage unit2.0m2Sold
6Storage unit2.0m2Sold
7Storage unit4.5m2Sold
8Storage unit4.3m2Sold
9Storage unit6.2m2Sold
10Storage unit2.3m2Sold
11Storage unit5.7m2Sold
12Storage unit4.2m2Sold
13Storage unit2.1m2Sold
14Storage unit2.0m2Sold
15Storage unit2.0m2Sold
16Storage unit5.2m2Sold
17Storage unit5.0m2Sold
18Storage unit4.3m2Sold
19Storage unit2.1m2Sold
20Storage unit9.4m2Sold
21Storage unit9.3m2Sold
22Storage unit5.7m2Sold
23Storage unit5.7m2Sold
24Storage unit5.7m2Sold
25Storage unit5.6m2Sold
26Storage unit5.7m2Sold
27Storage unit5.7m2Sold
28Storage unit8.6m2Sold
29Storage unit8.6m2Sold
30Storage unit24.5m2Sold
31Storage unit5.3m2Sold
32Storage unit5.6m2Sold
33Storage unit9.2m2Sold

Ground Floor

Facilities, parking & commercial units

No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
Commercial & terrace125.4m2Sold
Commercial unit24.4m2Sold
34Storage unit5.0m2Sold
Bike store27.6m2

Floor 1

Apartment Nos. 1 – 9

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
1Executive studio25.6m2Sold
2Executive studio27.0m2Sold
3Executive studio27.0m2Sold
4Executive studio26.7m2Sold
5Executive studio26.3m2Sold
6Executive studio34.6m2Sold
72 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
8Executive studio21.3m2Sold
9Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 2

Apartment Nos. 10 – 18

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
10Executive studio25.6m2Sold
11Executive studio27.0m2Sold
12Executive studio27.0m2Sold
13Executive studio26.7m2Sold
14Executive studio26.3m2Sold
15Executive studio34.6m2Sold
162 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
17Executive studio21.3m2Sold
18Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 3

Apartment Nos. 19 – 27

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
19Executive studio25.6m2Sold
20Executive studio27.0m2Sold
21Executive studio27.0m2Sold
22Executive studio26.7m2Sold
23Executive studio26.3m2Sold
24Executive studio34.6m2Sold
252 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
26Executive studio21.3m2Sold
27Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 4

Apartment Nos. 28 – 36

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
28Executive studio25.6m2Sold
29Executive studio27.0m2Sold
30Executive studio27.0m2Sold
31Executive studio26.7m2Sold
32Executive studio26.3m2Sold
33Executive studio34.6m2Sold
342 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
35Executive studio21.3m2Sold
36Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 5

Apartment Nos. 37 – 45

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
37Executive studio25.6m2Sold
38Executive studio27.0m2Sold
39Executive studio27.0m2Sold
40Executive studio26.7m2Sold
41Executive studio26.3m2Sold
42Executive studio34.6m2Sold
432 Bedroom51.2m2Sold
44Executive studio21.3m2Sold
45Executive studio21.6m2Sold

Floor 6

Apt. Nos. 46 – 49

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
461 Bedroom48.5m2Sold
471 Bedroom43.3m2Sold
481 Bedroom41.2m2Sold

Floor 7

Apt. Nos. 50 – 53

No.Type Internal (m2)Price (£)Availability
501 Bedroom48.5m2Sold
511 Bedroom43.3m2Sold
521 Bedroom41.2m2Sold

Roof terrace

& plunge pool

No.Type Size (m2)Price (£)Availability
Plunge pool21.0m2
Sunbathing terrace127.9m2


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